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Chateaux & Zoos

The Loire Valley is blessed with a rich historical and cultural past and you will never be short of things to do whilst visiting the area. Below are a list of the various attractions that you may find helpful in researching your days out.

The Chateaux

The Loire Valley has an amazing collection of Chateaux and Castles to explore. Below is a selection of the best with each having a link to an information page.

Zoos and Nature Reseves

Each of the three Zoos in this region are magical in their own way. Below you will find links to the websites so you can make up your own mind. We have done each of them several times! Doue is build in an old quarry and provides a unique opportunity to see the animals close up. The other two zoos are bigger and more traditional but the spectacle of these animals roaming in large enclosures is very exciting for all ages.

The Vineyards

This area is renowned for its selection of local wines with its most famous being Vouvrey which is a small village on the banks of the Loire river. Many of the vineyards open to the public and are available for wine tasting or “Degustation”. In most of the towns and cities you will find local agents and cooperatives offering the change to try and buy. One of our favourite shops in this area is in the pretty village where the Chateau at d’Usse (Sleeping Beauty’s Castle).