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What's in the Gite?


In response to Covid-19, we have put the following measures in place at Le Bois to help protect you and to keep you, and those who work for us, safe. We understand how important a holiday is to you and we want you to feel confident and comfortable staying at Le Bois; so if you have any special requests please let us know and we will do all we can to accommodate your needs. 

Before you arrive 

If at any time within the 14 days prior to your arrival you, or anyone in your party, has experienced any symptoms of Covid-19 or has been exposed to anyone who has Covid-19, it is essential that you inform us immediately and the guest who is showing symptoms seek medical advice immediately regarding travelling. If you, or anyone in your party, has Covid-19 then we must treat your booking as cancelled. We reserve the right to cancel if we feel there is any risk to you or to others in staying at Le Bois.

Travelling to France 

It is our strong recommendation that travel is via Eurotunnel. This is the safest method of travel with minimum (indeed it can be without any) contact with other people. It is also the most flexible way to travel, meaning if you need to return home earlier than expected you will be able to change your crossing quickly. The travel time by car is approximately five hours from Calais to Le Bois and vice versa.

Arrival and departure times 

In order to give our local team more time to sanitise and clean the property, we are ensuring there is a minimum gap of 24 hours between the last departure and your arrival. To ensure you do not arrive when there are cleaning staff on site, arrival is now strictly no earlier than 5pm and departure no later than 9am. We are happy to advise your party on places to visit or to stop en-route to help make the most of these travel days. You will be expected to self-check in and out using the key lock box on the outside of the front door – this is our usual procedure and you will be given the code prior to your stay. The property managers will not be doing any maintenance visits during your stay to avoid face to face contact, but will be contactable by phone during an emergency.

Your property 

On your arrival your property will have been thoroughly cleaned and checked by our local team. This will include disinfecting floors, work surfaces and bathroom areas. Our local team wear necessary masks and gloves while undertaking cleaning / inspection. In the property we have installed: 

  • Liquid soap which will be available for your use in the kitchen and all bathrooms
  • Hand sanitiser which will be available for your use in the pool house
  • Disposable household cleaning wipes in the bathrooms and kitchen
  • Access to a range of quality cleaning products
  • Our property is equipped with a dishwasher

As in the UK, we are encouraging hand washing regularly with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, especially when you return to the property after any trips out.

Some more points to note: 

  • We will have removed any cushions and rugs from the property.
  • There will be no guest welcome pack (food and drink), and all condiments have had to be removed.
  • The option for the Guest Food Service will not be available at this time.
  • Please remove shoes when entering property and leave in the utility room or at the entrance.

Please note: the extractor hood has been disabled currently due to an unknown fault which resulted in the power failing across the whole complex every time it was used.


Your bed linen 

Our bed linen is washed at 60 degrees with an antibacterial washing solution. Normally we make up the beds, but to minimise contact and to ensure linen is free of contamination we now provide full linen packs which are wrapped and provided for you to make up your bed(s). Each pack contains: 

  • Duvet cover
  • Bottom fitted sheet
  • Pillowcases
  • Bath towel (one per person)
  • Hand towel (one per person)

There will already be mattress and pillow protectors fitted, and the duvet will be folded up on each bed.

Please keep the bags the bed linen, towels and tea towels are provided in, as you will need to reuse these on departure. They will all be provided in separate bags in each room.


Pool Area

Whilst the pool area is being cleaned, please stay in the property, or in the private garden until the pool cleaner has left the property. This will take place once per week on a Saturday, and will take around 1-2 hours.



Due to the severe lockdown in France during the crisis our gardeners were unable to start preparing the gardens at the normal time of year. We wanted to let you know that whilst the gardens will be presented to the best of our gardening teams ability, there may be areas of the grounds that have loose grass cuttings on the surface or have not been fully cut. We know you will understand and appreciate the difficulties that have been incurred during the lockdown.


Shopping and going out 

Currently the rules are that everyone must wear face masks when going to the supermarket, markets, petrol stations, or general shopping, therefore please ensure everyone in your party brings one. Masks must also be worn on entering and leaving all public places, including restaurants and cafes (although they can be taken off once seated). 


Entertainment and Tourism 

Due to the local tourism regulations all Games, Book packs and Tourist information leaflets will have been removed before your arrival. Please see the other pages on our website for all of the information you should need.

What to do if you feel ill 

If during your stay you feel ill and suspect you may have contracted Covid-19, please first contact the UK NHS helpline on 111 who will ascertain your risk. In case of a medical emergency, please ring 15 which is the Ambulance and Emergency Services in France. If you are in any doubt about having contracted Covid-19 it is essential that you inform us immediately and that you leave the property straight away to return home for self-isolation. It is not possible to self-isolate at Le Bois due to the fact the property may be booked for the week following your departure. We are also unable to provide alternative accommodation; acting quickly and responsibly is crucial.  

Your departure 

Please leave the property no later than 9am on the morning of your departure. To minimise risk to our property managers, please can you ensure the property is left as it was when you arrived and that all bed linen, protectors, and towels are placed into the laundry bags provided. Please put towels in one bag, and bed linen in another, in each bedroom. Please surface clean all bathrooms and kitchen, sweep and mop all hard floors and remove all rubbish and recycling. Also, please ensure there is no food or drink left in the property when you vacate.

Contact Us

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.