Weather in the Loire Valley

This part of France really has something to offer all the year round but if you are coming here for your annual holiday you will probably be looking for some sunshine, so here’s our guide as to what to expect.

Today at Le Bois

April & May

The days begin to get longer and the temperatures rise steadily up to around 20°C. You can have misty starts to the morning clearing away quickly to give very pleasant days and nights. There will be the odd days of rain but rarely for long periods. This is also a good time to visit as there are fewer tourists around!

October & November

 Has temperatures averaging a high of 17°C in October to 12°C in November. There will be occasional light frosts. There can however be some beautiful Autumn days for walks among the wild flowers and crisp November days when you have the low sun blinding your view of the chateau you are exploring.

June to September

Late spring and into summer brings dependable weather with long dry spells with average daily temperatures around 24°C. July temperatures peak as high as 28°C dropping to 22°C as September approaches. On average, there are 11 days of rainfall during this period.
Perhaps not as warm as those in the far south of France, but a far more comfortable heat.

December to March

This can be a chilly time with a low in February of 8°C  to a high of 11°C in March. Rain can be heavy at times. Late winter into spring brings some fog, especially in the early mornings. If you are visiting the area during these months -it’s not for the weather! A good time to to house hunt if you are looking for a permanent move as the rose-coloured spectacles will not be required.